Feliz aniversário, Sr Moore

Libraries are so important at least to me because they've made me what I am in all sorts of ways. To me a library was a kind of temple of learning. I used to visit the libraries as often as I could, I used to stand in that strange little alcove where they had all the books upon sciences and hypnotism, the atmosphere was incredible and even in my dreams at night I would find myself in the library. That's how much it meant to me. It gave me a way out of the Spring Boroughs area and by extension out of any circumstances of deprivation in any area like that, it gave me the way to get out of there and to become the person that I am today where I can actually go back and help those areas. That is how much libraries mean to me! And if my work means anything to anybody out there then they shouldn't thank me for it, they should thank the institution of libraries that created me.

Alan Moore

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