I find the following in Whitaker's Almanac :‐ “ The line (or rather lines) of native sovereigns is a very long one ; some Irish historians have traced the succession to about the period of the flood, ‘ before which time there were many princes,’ but unfortunately the records have not been preserved. According to Keating, the first sovereigns after the Milesian Conquest, of whom there is any ‘ absolute certainty,’ were Heber and Heremon, Milesian princes from Galicia, in Spain, who conquered Ireland, and gave to its throne a race of 171 kings. These two princes reigned jointly from the year 1300 B.C. till 1291, when Heremon alone ruled. Of their successors, who reigned from the year 1285 B. C. to the Christian era, about 169 in number, only 15 died comfortably in their beds; four died of the plague or some malignant distemper, the rest being assassinated, killed in battle, or dying other violent deaths. Home Rule in all its beautiful simplicity was in existence from the earliest times till after the Conquest of Ireland by Henry II, in 1172; the rultes, however, appear to have had anything but a peaceable quiet time.” (An “ authentic ” list of Irish sovereigns is also given.)

From The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the Principality (18th February 1888)