As histórias que contam os registros de migrantes (III)

Affidavit of the Master or Commanding Officer (...)

Sworn to before me this Twentyeighth day of February, 1939 at New York, N. Y. [handwritten signature] Inmigrant Inspector.


Instructions for Preparing Alien Manifests

(...) (Race or people).-See list of races on back of this seet. The entry should show the race or people as given in said list.
Special attention should be paid to the distinction between race and the country of which citizen or subject, country of last permanent residence, and country of birth, and manifests should be carefully revised by inspectors in this regard. For instance, "France" appearing under the head of country does not mean "French" by race or people, and, similarly "French" appearing under the head of race or people does not mean "France" by country. An Irish, German or Hebrew alien by race might properly come under the heading of England, Switzerland, or any other country. In this connection the following distinctions should be especially observed:


The term "Cuban" refers to the Cuban people (not Negroes).


"West Indian" refers to the people of the West Indies othar than either Cuban or Negroes.


"Spanish American" refers to the people of Central and South America of Spanish descent.


"Negro" refers to the African (black), whether coming from Cuba or other islands of the West Indies, North or South America, Europe or Africa. Any alien with admixture of blood of the African (black) should be classified under this heading.


14-430 U. S. Government Printing Office