Completed 83 pages of 240 on my next joint. Stay tuned.

Man, I’m so sure that’s the Shadow King from the unannounced x-men family tree project by Ed Piskor.

Both Japanese and Korean is heavily influenced by the Chinese language. Their word for comic all stems from the same 漫畫. In countries where traditional chinese is still used, like Taiwan and Hongkong, you can still see the usage of 漫畫, this had become more simplified to 漫画, which you can see in Japan and mainland China. Korean differs from Japan, in the sense that they completely stopped using Chinese characters since King Sejong had created Hangeul for the poor and illiterate in the 1440s, so they started writing comics as 만화, but it was still based on the chinese 漫畫.

Tinha esquecido como em lojas japonesas como Bookpal te envolvem os livros numa sobrecapa de papel ligeiro para proteger a compra. Isso é amor.

Do as you please with continuity issues but solve this crap:
No fucking way Wolverine’s name is James whatever.
No fucking way Snake Eyes is a blonde.
And there is only one fucking Nick Fury.