Desfrutou despreocupadamente do hotel de luxo até descobrir que o sabonete estava feito co trabalho de presidiárias.
The farmers in Galicia appear to possess many of the characteristics of the Irish peasantry. Their landlords prefer the attractive Court of Madrid to living on their estates, while the tenants herd with their stock under the same roof.

South Wales Daily News, 17th June 1892
Alá no meio da Ditadura um senhor de Brandonhas entrou na sala de audiências de Corcubiom, citado como testemunha. O juiz mandou-lhe tirar a boina. El respondeu-lhe que nom se descobria "nem diante do Altíssimo"... e achantárom.

Só com dizer isso retava dous dos três principais poderes do regime.
Só heroína dentro. A falta dela. Assaltou a padaria. Sem alento à carreira, apanhárom-no. Derom-lhe de almorçar ali.

Singular discovery of a hermit

"A man has just been discovered who for several years has lived alone in the wild and deserted mountains of Cape de Gata, situated in the south-eastern extreme of Spain. Some years ago he was employed in a factory at Lugo, in Galicia, which is at the opposite end of the country to Cape de Gata. Becoming enamoured of his employer's daughter the passion was reciprocated, but the lady's parents had a rich suitor in view and the factory worker was discharged. Subsequently the couple eloped, but were overtaken, and when, a few months later, the disconsolate lover ventured to return to Lugo, he found the lady had married her parents' choice. In his despair he resolved to leave the country, and set sail for Algeria. The vessel was, however, wrecked, and he was tossed by the waves on to the shore of the desolate Cape de Gata. Here he remained ever since, and when seen a few days ago by a hunter, who had ventured into the country, he presented a savage-like appearance in his covering of wild animals' skins, and with hair and beard grown to an extraordinary length. All efforts to induce him to return to civilization were futile."

From the Evening Express, 9/9/1892
Ali os papeis nunca se molhariam de água salgada. Era 1 país q tinha o arquivo da marinha a 254 km do porto + próximo.
Navegara co pai no lugar "das Baleas". A escola falava 1 idioma: o cetáceo chama-se ballena. Só de maior se deu conta.