Pardon my French, but fuck everyone who reblogs or posts drawings, panels and cartoons without crediting author and source. This isn’t just a matter of netiquette, it’s good old politeness, fairness and common sense.

Whenever I see something that I like but is uncredited, I won’t post it unless I can trace back whoever did it.

If you’re an artist or love comics you know it’s plain wrong spreading somebody’s work without even referencing her or his name. I know, sometimes it’s obvious where it came from, but doing it the other way does no harm, helps struggling creators and makes it a little more difficult for thouse shitbags that delete signatures from images and even have the guts to place their own watermarks as if they were original content creators.

Hey I have my own little wordless cinephile game at Twitter. But as a general rule, please, do credit and reference source always, via tags, footnotes and/or linking.