Down-to-Earth superheroes are a rare thing these days, and what’s more, seem much more difficult to grasp in the making with all the genre’s decades -and subsequent saturation- behind (don’t mention films, I mainly avoid those).

Nevertheless, somehow Jason Loo gets it right. A readable story, characters you can relate to and that adorable formula of real life meets flying pyjamas and
Kyrbiesque monsters. So here’s the cover to my first encounter with Toronto’s alledgedly lamest hero, which I enjoyed and would recommend to anyone interested. The art and the humour reminded me of The superior foes of Spider-man, one of the freshest titles to come out of Marvel in recent years.

Sure, “The pitiful Human-Lizard” could use a book design revamp, plus, glossy paper is not your friend, but overall expectations have been fulfilled and I’ll most probably buy the trade paperback edition when and if it is released.

So fond as I am of Seth, Michel Rabagliati, Chester Brown, etc, I’m always happy whenever Canada keeps delivering good news in the world of comics.