So I got these comic-books from 1983, issues 2 and 3 of “Alpha Flight” by John Byrne. Marvel was really lucky to have such outstanding professionals working for the company in that golden era. Byrne does about everything right, but I was specially impressed by his non-superheroic pages (two seamen aboard their small fishing ship undergoing a storm; a primitive tribe walking the tundra) which goes to show the importance of a good artist having the capability to draw anything and not just what the genre demands.

Had a lot of fun yesterday reading this 1987 issue I bought last year along with many other Action Comics. I don’t tend to favour episodic tales in the superhero genre but this one worked very well as it shows Byrne’s craftmanship. Also, I like Etrigan very much, especially Kirby’s take on the character.

Na feira do livro usado da minha cidade vim mal o preço de uns velhos Action Comics e quando ia para pagar descobri que os tinham a 10 euros por exemplar e não a 1 € como eu pensara. Obviamente não levei nem o primeiro. Cheguei à casa, encomendei via Internet aos EUA e em vez de pagar 120 € paguei menos de 24 pela dúzia. De verdade que há gente à que se lhe vai a cachola muito.