Uns quantos motivos (hai mais)

Nom lhe compreis a esse bicho, cona.

Vai sequência (mas nom cronologicamente ordenada) sobre Amazon sendo o Puto Mal™

What if your employer made you wear a wristband that tracked your every move, and that even nudged you when it judged you were doing something wrong? (The New York Times)

A importância de nom promovermos impérios: Contra Amazon: siete razones / un manifiesto (JotDown)

Cómo Uber o Amazon explotan la miseria ajena para levantar sus monopolios (El Diario)

Silicon Valley siphons our data like oil. But the deepest drilling has just begun (The Guardian)

Alunos dum mestrado de economia comentam no comboio os métodos cos que Amazon vai parasitando setores de negócio e é de vomitar.

Umha explicaçom sintética do anterior:
1. A small business began selling camera tripods on Amazon
2. It reached $3.5 million in sales, 0.001% of Amazon's revenue
3. Amazon copied the tripods exactly and sold them as AmazonBasics tripods
4. Amazon banned the tripod company from Amazon

(Dan Price)

Starbucks, Amazon e Google respondem por evasão de impostos (Exame)

Amazon's payment of minimal tax in any jurisdiction is the future of global business. Christmas is Vietnam (The Guardian)

Newsweek: Jeff Bezos is The Richest Man in the World, But Hundreds of Amazon Employees Are on Food Stamps (Newsweek)

Greve em Amazon: trabalhador@s pedem que gente nom lhes compre nada esta semana (EFE)

Amazon no puede continuar con planteamientos esclavistas del s. XIX cuando se define como puntera en el s. XXI (CCOO via El Confidencial)

Amazon despide a los subcontratados que hicieron huelga (Carne Cruda)

Amazon is using its enormous power to dissuade the city of Seattle from passing a modest tax on profitable corporations to address their severe housing crisis. This is what corporate power and oligarchy is all about (Berni Sanders)

Uns quantos motivos (hai mais)

De 1000 empleados/as fijos/as de la planta de Amazon en San Fernando de Henares, 985 han secundado la huelga. La empresa ha contratado a 600 esquiroles a través de una ETT para reventarla (Rafa Sanz)

Comportamento parasitário e abuso monopolístico: Don't thank Bezos for giving Amazon workers a much-needed raise (The Guardian)

Habrá ocho días de huelga en Amazon en pleno 'Black Friday' y en Navidad (20 Minutos)
Como obreros, como sociedad, como personas. No compreis en Amazon en Black Friday (La Labo)

Amazon pede polícias ao seu serviço para atalhar greve em Espanha (El Confidencial)

O custe de Amazon
Uns quantos motivos (hai mais)
(American Booksellers Association)

How Amazon automatically tracks and fires warehouse workers for ‘productivity’ (The Verge)

Bezos admits that the limitless growth that made him the world's richest man is incompatible with a habitable Earth (...) Amazon is facing discrimination lawsuits from Muslim women and pregnant workers, it exploits Amazon Flex drivers and warehouse workers. Meanwhile, it receives billions of dollars in state and federal subsidies to build new facilities. Building these facilities can set off chain reactions that leave local governments without a tax base, kill small businesses, and ultimately have a hollowing-out effect on many of America's cities and towns (...) (Vice)

Exposed: How Amazon destroys millions of new items it can’t sell with everything from TVs to kitchen equipment, books and nappies dumped in landfill sites (Daily Mail)

La Unión Europea quiere comprobar si el uso de Amazon de datos confidenciales de minoristas independientes que venden en su web infringe sus normas de competencia (El Diario)

It seems Amazon values money way more than life. If they did their job right, I wouldn’t have had to bury my little brother. (Futurism)

In case you missed it, Jeff Bezos is trying to buy himself a city council [Seattle] (Syntropian)

Bezos and Amazon dumped over $1 million into Seattle’s elections to defeat (...)—progressives who want corporations like Amazon to pay their fair share and end the city’s homelessness crisis. We must defeat this greed. (Berni Sanders)

Uns quantos motivos (hai mais)

An Amazon Web Services employee emailed a series of internal Amazon listservs and told them that their communications were being monitored for labor organizing efforts (Motherboard)

Ontem dirigimos uma carta a Jeff Bezos a propósito de dois anúncios de emprego para contratar peritos em análise de informação para “monitorizar” os seus trabalhadores e políticos. Uma iniciativa (...) que reuniu 37 deputados europeus (...) (Marisa Matias)

La Inspección de Trabajo obliga a Amazon a dar de alta a casi 4.000 repartidores que la empresa tenía trabajando en Madrid y Barcelona como falsos autónomos (El País)

Los documentos internos de Amazon: El artículo es de un periodista crítico y muy próximo a los sindicatos (El Diario)

Amazon utilizó al hombre de Villarejo en Catalunya para el espionaje a sindicalistas durante una huelga (El Diario)

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have repeatedly used third parties or act as subcontractors to sidestep public scrutiny and work with US immigration agencies, despite employee backlash and some company policies against doing such work. (Business Insider)

Amazon Is Destroying The Comics Industry In A Brand New Way (Bleeding Cool)

Italia multa con más de 1.000 millones de euros a Amazon por torpedear a sus competidores logísticos (...) por abusar de su posición dominante para perjudicar a las empresas de paquetería que no colaboran con ella (El Diario)

They started screaming, 'Shelter in place!' We were in the bathrooms. That's where they sent us.

This is another outrageous example of the company putting profits over the health and safety of their workers, and we cannot stand for this. Amazon cannot continue to be let off the hook for putting hard working people's lives at risk. Our union will not back down until Amazon is held accountable for these and so many more dangerous labor practices S. Appelbaum, RWDSU. (CNN)