I read this two-issue story last month. I don’t think Jeff Parker has completely fulfilled my expectations since the first part of his Agents of Atlas run, which I adored. Thunderbolts was fine and Red She-Hulk remains a mystery to me as I only bought one issue. This Shazam!/Gotham by gaslight Batman crossover, well the best I can say is I tolerated the plot; you can’t do much on such a short story and I appreciate what (I guess) the writer intented to achieve tone-wise. However what made the buy really worthy was Evan Shaner’s art. Now that man can draw. Everything he does on the page is both solid and fun to look at.

Happy when my shopping involves rummaging through racks of back issues. Got both Oldies Goldies I missed in my youth and recent stuff, this time in a small, hidden shop in Bath, England which I stumbled upon by pure chance. The staff was really nice. I enjoyed my first random pick of Brian Wood’s Rebels, incidentally the fourth issue in the series.