I hadn’t visited Berlin in a while. Quite some time, actually. It’s still there, the atmosphere. The night life, the songs being sung, the papers being read, the streets, the rising factions… the characters we care about. The waning hope and that uneasy, growing sense of impending doom. And a fine art picturing it all, from the rich houses to the back alleys.

What a great, great title.

Bastante impressionante. Um dos melhores álbuns que tenha lido em tempo. Lembra-me um pouco o Pinocchio de Winshluss ou o Aventuras de un oficinista japonés de José Domingo, primeiro no sentido do protagonismo embriagante da ilustração mas segundo, e talvez mais importante, porque ainda que se lhe possam achar referências e precedentes, são livros-ilha, únicos e particulares. Memoráveis não só pela sua qualidade intrínseca senão pela originalidade da proposta.

Forgot to share this a few months ago: D&Q told me “We don’t know when the next issue of Berlin will come out, I’m afraid.
Please know that we’ll get it into your hands as quickly as possible.
There are going to be 8 issues in the third book, I believe.”

From what I see at comicbookdb.com, the latest single issue (#18) was released three years ago, I uploaded the cover here then. The previous ish, #17? Back in 2010. #16? 2008. So it seems it’s going to be a long wait indeed.

In case I haven’t said this before, I translated the first book into Spanish, published by Astiberri. Should re-read that one someday. Still one of my favourite comics ever.