Holy she-et.

I did enjoy the first issue, but this #2? That was literally breathtaking. One of the finest single issue superhero comic-books I recall having read. And I’ve read a few (actually nothing short of twenty-three hundred).

The art is gorgeous, as anything Quitely puts out, the characters are really well thought and the plot… as far as this chapter is concerned, you may see that end coming, but it blows your mind away anyway. Or at least it did me.

No wonder I don’t want to put off reading the rest of the story anymore.

By the way, this book brings to mind the idea that this genre is nowhere close to exhausted, although (and that’s a big although) I’m afraid self-reference seems a burden -a heavy burden- way too attached to leave behind.

No ideia what this whole Multiversity thing’s about -haven’t been paying attention at all-, but Pax Americana is the damn most brilliant Watchmen rip-off (in the best sense) / homage I’ve read to date. Mind-blowing, no joke intended. Mental note: I’ll read any of these page-by-page essays from expert people as soon as I have the chance -and hopefully learn something. Never been one to analyze too much what I enjoy, though.