Fala Jaime Hernandez, para mim como se falasse Deus.

Levo 55 minutos vendo esta entrevista e assimilando cada palavra do mestre. Glória bendita. Adorar Love & Rockets e ver tanta clave aberta é muito.

Ala, alá fórom duas horas. Nom as teria aguentado se fosse um filme ou umha série.

My gut feeling as I finish reading this book is the stories in it are so good and so well drawn that you may place any other comic/album/graphic novel in the world beside it, it’s more than likely to pale in comparison. Beto and Jaime Hernández are master storytellers, that’s beyond doubt by now, but there’s more to it than that. Most comic creators tend to lose their punch to some degree as years go by: I’m sad to say I’ve read comics by international first line, very popular and talented creators, both European and American, in recent years, that, to say the least, were not among their finest, plus, had in common one of the single features I find particularly most annoying: repetition. Well on the opposite side I’ve been reading this river-novel for twenty years now and I’m nowhere tired, the Hernández’s true wit is nowhere exhausted. Stuff like Love & Rockets, the current volume, issue #3 is what makes me marvel just by holding pages with printed art, and reading the words and looking at the pictures. The stunning, shocking magic of a fictional world that feels as real as yours and mine.