I love what Jim Shooter did in this issue, I love what John Romita Jr did. Somewhere in my mind I’d kept the unique feeling this series transmitted to me many years ago through borrowed copies, but I barely remembered a few pencil strokes of the plot, so now that I’m reading it again I’m happy it didn’t turn out to be just nostalgia.

After half a century of genre evolution, being able to capture the virginity of a first super human standing in the “real world” is nothing short but a great achievement, no matter how simple the task may seem beforehand.

I wonder if Marvel’s will in the 80′s to go forward with the New Universe was only based on Shooter’s, De Falco’s, Williamson’s et al. original concept and intention or on the contrary the little new seals popping up as Eclipse pushed the House of Ideas in the direction of a fresh new start.

It didn’t last long but I think it was worth the try.

Looking forward to completing this title.