Gabriel Hernández Walta has now been for a few years in a row one of my favourite superhero artists, in part because there’s this so un-superheroic touch to what he does, that really challenges the genre without actually antagonizing it. He’s so good at making an Illyana, an Elektra, a Magneto… and at making them his and his alone. Because he doesn’t only draw those characters, he grew up with them as much as you and me and he understands them. It really shows on the final art.

I don’t adhere to those “I don’t read superhero books but” crappy commenters who would praise H. Walta’s art while patronising uncountable other artists working in the field, while disregarding superhero books as a whole category. I place them in the same “I don’t read manga” ignorant lot. I both enjoy and respect so many talented individuals doing pajamas and punches. It just happens that Gabriel is a little above many of his colleagues thanks to his utterly personal style, his dedication to whole page work and his ability to merge superpowers with real-life feel settings and characters.