Alan Moore on Ditko and Roscharch

Despite the fact that Steve Ditko was obviously a hero to the hippies with his psychedelic Dr. Strange work and for the teen angst of Spider-Man, Ditko's politics were obviously very different from those fans. His views were apparent through his portrayals of Mr. A and the protesters or beatniks that occasionally surfaced in his other work. I think this article was the first to actually point out that, yes, Steve Ditko did have a very right-wing agenda (which of course, he's completely entitled to), but at the time, it was quite interesting, and that probably led to me portraying [Watchmen character] Rorschach as an extremely right-wing character.

«Toasting Absent Heroes. Alan Moore discusses the Charlton-Watchmen Connection» Jon B. Cooke (Comic Book Artist #9)

Although you don’t want to hear from any of us, happy 90th anniversary, Mr Ditko.