Nom será o meu favorito do gekiga mas é ótima compra se gostas de autobiografias episódicas em clave slice of life.

BD bárbara atrás d capa c/desenho gráfico delituoso (atentado visual frequente em Planeta-deAgostini Comics)

Ishinomori era-vos "moito",q diriam na Laracha

Além d jogar c/múltiples recursos literários, a nível narrativo-visual e compositivo Ishinomori tinha pranchas de antologia.

A BD demencial do verão?

A BD demencial do verão.

A BD demencial do verão?

Alguém mui perspicaz viu o que eu próprio tinha feito inconscientemente e sem me dar conta. Até quatro vezes. Nem agora sei explicar.

A leitura de hoje

A leitura de hoje

... ou mais bem a leitura terminada hoje. Por pouco vou-me a um ano para o ler. Que bom Tezuka. Que maravilha Itália editando manga: preços irrisórios, qualidade impecável.

E ainda o voltam a distribuir? Espero que o re-imprimissem porque foi umha das piores edições de manga que tenha visto em muitos anos.

Chamai-me mal pensado mas vim a caixa e o primeiro que pensei foi "exemplares nom vendidos".

Em mercados como o italiano por exemplo umha ediçom péssima como esta é simplesmente impensável.
Only a handful of people survived the nuclear holocaust that left earth a poisoned wasteland. Retreating to colonies in orbit high above planes, these last renmants of the human rate created a new homeland, one perpetually looking down on the devastated lands that had once been theirs. In time, a new government was formed. The colonists began to adjust to a new life in space. All was going more smoothly than any could have dreamed. Until, seven years after the great exodus, a scientist’s visionary proposal shattered their new contentment, and plunged their hearts into turmoil. A single, massive, new bomb, immensely powerful yet environmentally clean, could be used to tilt the very axis of the earth, he declared. Climates would be disrupted forever, burying the irradiated northern hemisphere beneath a solid cap of ice and snow, and turning the deserts and seabeds of the southern hemisphere into a new heartland hospitable to human life.
The plan divided the people, splitting the colonists into two bitterly antagonistic camps: THE PROGRESSIVES, eager to use the bomb to launch a new era for humankind on earth. “Epoch,” they called themselves, or simply “E.” And opposing them, THE NEO-CONSERVATIVES, the so-called supporters of “Mother Earth.” or “M.E.” To them, humanity had already had its chance. The mother planet should be scarred no more. The project must be stopped at any price. Radical elements from both camps unleashed a savage campaign of terror. The space colonies were plunged into turmoil and civil war. Government collapsed. Lawlessness reigned. And as chaos spread, the hard-liners of Epoch secretly built their bomb and used it. Now there was even more at stake as the two parties struggled for control of the planet below. It would take at least three more years for the climatic shifts to begin to bring earth back to life. But with the war-ravaged space colonies teetering on the brink of destruction, there was no time to lose. A second exodus of refugees abandoned their homes in the sky, and fled to the hostile world below…

Três obras mestras e uma joinha da BD independente espanhola saldadas a preços de escándalo numa livraria catalã.