I’m afraid that no matter how long he lives and works, Jim Lee will never draw anything as cool as his X-Men, which marked a generational milestone.

I don’t know where the ad’s line came from or who wrote it. It reminds me of the quote “Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate, and hate leads to violence”. The latter is attributed “by the Internet” to the 12th century wise man Averroes, although I haven’t found the specific source and it isn’t featured on his Wikiquote page.

Yesterday I was reading the 1988 TPB edition of this story. Adams is a great artist whom I’ve admired for ages, his current covers are still terrific and I love the mutant Era the Asgardian Wars belong to. However I must say to my understanding his storytelling -not necessarily his page layout- sometimes sucks.

Saw this ad on a comic I was reading today and thought it was really cool. Not yer cliché and dull poster for yer local comic convention. Very funny, besides useful and well designed.

Não me conto em absoluto entre os que querem apagar Stan Lee da história dos cómics. Porém lembro quando defender o legado de Kirby parecia tema tabú no mainstream USA. Frank Miller, cuja ideologia hoje me causa estupor, e mais outros poucos, tiveram a valentia de manter a memória do mestre acessa.

Hoje em dia hai mais conciência sobre a questão (não só de Kirby, senom dos direitos autorais em geral) mas naquela época de eclipse a pequena editorial que precisamente levava este nome botou-lhe coragem, num contexto provavelmente muito menos propício.